At Cultivate ’19, 13-16 July, we show our latest introductions. Because we have so many great new varieties, we like to highlight our top three of this moment:

Rosa Dynamite™ BAM!
Sedum Atlantis
Senecio Angel Wings

Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! (‘Geus 4310’) is one of our favourites! Dynamite™ BAM! is a floribunda with HT-like/ intermediate flowers. The deep cerise red flowers have a diameter of 3.2” and they are showing their beautiful colour from spring until fall. Dynamite™ BAM! is a very powerful plant as a solitary on your patio or balcony, in mixed containers, in borders or even as a flowering hedge. It is self-cleaning and only needs a liquid rose fertilizer once in spring and once in summer. Dynamite™ BAM! is fast growing and makes a finished product fast. It is found by Select Breeding BV from the Netherlands.

Sedum Atlantis (‘Nonsitnal’) is this year’s winner of the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK. It shows a fascinating combination of colours: green leaves with cream-coloured edges, pink flower buds, cherry red leaf buds and yellow flowers in summer. The foliage retains its colour during the summer and autumn. Atlantis has a dense growth and remains low until about 4-6″ high and 18″cm wide. It is a beautiful plant for in, for example, the rock garden, for green roofs, as a ground cover or in a container on terrace or balcony. Heat resistant, drought resistant, humidity resistant, disease free, so the ideal plant for everyone! Sedum Atlantis is found by the US breeders of Hortech, Inc.

Last but not least: Senecio Angel with its silky, silvery white foliage. This is a perfect plant for indoors as well as outdoors. Beautiful to use for mixed containers or as a solitary on patio or balcony. The habit is medium and Angel Wings grows to 10-12” tall and 10” wide. This fast growing Senecio is drought and salt tolerant. Angels Wings is found bij Floricultura Novazel S.A. from Chili.

Of course we show much more, so do come and visit us at Cultivate ’19 at booth no. 015!