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Handover Japanese PBR - EverColor® Eversheen - LR

Japanese Plant Breeders’ Rights for EverColor® Everlime and Eversheen

The breeder of the Carex EverColor® series, Pat Fitzgerald, has received two certificates of the Japanese Plant Breeders’ Rights. His varieties Carex EverColor® ‘Everlime’ and Carex EverColor® ‘Eversheen’ are now also protected in Japan. A great achievement of this renowned breeder. EverColor® ‘Everlime’ has characteristic green foliage with lime margins. It becomes max. 20″ high and wide. […]

Buddleja alternifolia Unique

BBC interview with breeder Peter Moore

Peter Moore has been interviewed by the BBC about his breeding work for the well-known programme Gardeners World. Click here for the entire interview. Concept Plants and Plantipp have various varieties of Peter Moore under management of which several are shown in the broadcast. To mention a few: Choisya White Dazzler, Choisya Royal Lace, Buddleja Berries […]

Mainstar Nepeta Neptune

“Mainstar 2018” for Nepeta Neptune

At Plantarium 2018 there was a special moment for the breeder of the Nepeta Neptune, Kees Jan Kraan. He received the certificate for “Mainstar 2018” from Vitroflora. The “Mainstar” is awarded annually on the German “Beet-und Balkonpflanzentag” (B&B) at the beginning of July. About 900 varieties of summer flowers and balcony plants, such as Dahlia […]


High expectations of Plantarium 2018

Concept Plants/ Plantipp have signed up various novelties for the novelties inspection at Plantarium 2018. These varieties are all top-of-the range so the expectations are high. In addition to the entries for the inspection, even more introductions will be shown at the stand of Concept Plants/ Plantipp. These introductions can be admired from 22 to 24 […]

Rosa Dynamite BAM

Looking for a Trouble-Free Rose with an Explosion of Blooms? Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! is your Answer!

Read here our latest press release by UpShoot, LLC about the amazing Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! “If you could only have one plant on your patio, Dynamite™ BAM! rose would be it! This compact, container-friendly rose gives you flowers from spring to fall frost with little to no care. Self-cleaning, no disease issues, and continual flowers!” says […]

Garden Trials

Concept Plants shows new introductions at very first edition of Garden Trials and Trade

Concept Plants participates in the very first edition of the Garden Trials and Trade. The Garden Trials and Trade is the only stop where about 30 companies are showcasing their new varieties in the area of woody plants and perennials. This offers a unique opportunity to see these innovations in full bloom in the middle […]

Tim Boebel - Todays Hydrangeas

Today’s Hydrangeas features Concept Plant Varieties

The latest book on Hydrangea has been written by Tim Boebel and is titled: Today’s Hydrangeas, a buying guide & more. It is a very handy guide to the perfect Hydrangea for your garden and it explains in an easy way how and when to prune your Hydrangea in the different climate zones. We are […]

plant patent

Concept Plants Plant Patent Party at IPM!

At IPM, Concept Plants could hand over many, many Plant Patents to the various breeders from all over the world. It was a true plant patent party! For Jos Cammeraat there was the Plant Patent for Veronica Snow Candles (‘Joca128’). Sebastiaan Hoogenraad received the Plant Patent for Physocarpus Angel (‘Hoogi018’) and Little Joker (‘Hoogi021’). The […]

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