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Big Time Blue

Lavender Love

For a plant to be successful, not only does Concept Plants need to find ways to promote it to the trade and home gardener, but it certainly helps when growers, retailers and the landscape trade also jump on the new plant marketing train.

June 2021 Fine Gardening

National Shout-Out

It certainly made our day when not one, but two Concept Plants introductions were featured in the June issue of Fine Gardening magazine.

Grower Marketing Support

We gratefully work with a professional line-up of wholesale growers across North America to bring our new plant introductions to market. We appreciate when they share their marketing efforts with us so we can promote them and the plants they are growing on social media or in our monthly e-newsletters. As an example, we’d like […]

Treasure Island Sweet Potato

Connecting with Consumers

We recently had two stories appear on the NGB blog and then be featured in their weekly e-newsletter.

Thuja occidentalis Sunny Smaragd

Winter Wonders

Winter need not been a barren blank slate of white. With a little planning, we can inspire gardeners to consider plant selections that will help them enjoy a golden glow throughout the darkest and shortest days of the year.

A Sweet Tasting Incredible Edible

The first edible AND ornamental sweet potatoes on the market.

That Agastache is on Fire!

Paul Pilon, Editor-at-Large of Perennial Pulse from Ball Publishing, has declared it is hot!

better boxwood

Better Boxwood® Bred for Greatness

This blight-resistant series of boxwood includes four varieties with different shapes and sizes to fit all landscape needs.

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