Green Thumb AwardWe are thrilled to share that Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes, represented in North America by Concept Plants, were recently recognized with a Green Thumb Award in the Edible Plants category from the Direct Gardening Association.

Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes are a breakthrough in breeding as they pack a one-two punch as the first edible AND ornamental sweet potatoes available on the market! In addition to the delicious sweet potato tubers, the colorful leaves are edible as well and can be used in salads and smoothies for instance.

These selections come from breeding by the Louisiana State University AgCenter from an original concept development and collaboration work with their partner FitzGerald Nurseries in Ireland.

There are 5 different tasty choices in the Treasure Island Sweet Potato line including:

Treasure Island ‘Tahiti’ PPAF was named after Tahiti Island. Purple-fleshed roots with purple skin add a striking color to your cooking! Its green leaves are edible and healthy, too.

Treasure Island ‘Tatakoto’ PPAF is named after Tatakoto Island. Purple skin and orange flesh make a colorful, flavorful, and healthy addition to recipes. Its dark green-purple leaves create beautiful ornamental value in the garden—plus, they’re delicious.

Treasure Island ‘Makatea’ PPAF is named after Makatea Island. A lovely ornamental Ipomoea, with very vigorous twining heart-shaped, golden foliage showing off above white flesh roots. The potatoes make delicious additions to Asian and Caribbean dishes, as well as sweet purees. The bright chartreuse, heart-shaped, pointed, edible foliage looks gorgeous in salads.

Treasure Island ‘Kaukura’ PPAF is named after Kaukura Island. A decorative Ipomoea with purple, heart-shaped leaves, orange skin, and orange flesh roots, the stunning sweet potato adds terrific ornamental interest to vegetable gardens and containers. The tasty, healthy roots provide a boost of delicious flavor and color to meals. Deep purple, heart-shaped, edible leaves offer a delicious—and stunning—culinary addition.

Treasure Island ‘Manihi’ PPAF is named after Manihi Island. The deep purple, maple leaf foliage alone offers a great reason to grow the plant, but the sweet potatoes’ orange skin and orange fleshy roots create extremely flavorful meals with the enhanced health benefits of beta-carotene rich flesh. Add its beautiful foliage to dishes for an instant boost of flavor, color, and culinary interest.

For more on the Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes, read the full press release here.