Brienne Gluvna Arthur of Brie GrowsThe Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes, a breakthrough in breeding as the first edible AND ornamental sweet potatoes on the market, continue to turn heads in the gardening world. The plants in the Treasure Island series are named after different Polynesian Islands. Each plant hides a “treasure” underneath the soil, and the varieties sport different leaf and root colors.

We’re collaborating with garden communicators to spread the word about these incredible edibles and their attributes in the garden and in the kitchen. In fact, Brienne Gluvna Arthur of Brie Grows, recently featured how she utilized the Treasure Island series in her Foodscape and the delicious recipes she cooked up in her kitchen in both her blog and enews.

If you haven’t grown or offered the Treasure Island series, what are you waiting for?! They’re delicious and nutritious to eat and versatile growing in the ground or containers!