Concept Plants Plant Patent Party at IPM!

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Concept Plants Plant Patent Party at IPM!

At IPM, Concept Plants could hand over many, many Plant Patents to the various breeders from all over the world. It was a true plant patent party! For Jos Cammeraat there was the Plant Patent for Veronica Snow Candles (‘Joca128’). Sebastiaan Hoogenraad received the Plant Patent for Physocarpus Angel (‘Hoogi018’) and Little Joker (‘Hoogi021’). The […]

Sarcocca Winter Gem

Winter Gem Mr Plant Geek’s plant of the month

Mr Plant Geek, also known as Michael Perry, has selected Sarcococca Winter Gem as plant of the month January. And we are thrilled about it! Because this gem is a great addition to your winter garden. Read here the article of Mr Plant Geek or check out our website for further information on Sarcococca Winter Gem.

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