Top new perennials ánd shrubs for 2016


Top new perennials ánd shrubs for 2016

Several new plants of Concept Plants are being mentioned by Better Homes & Gardens as top new perennials ánd shrubs for 2016. For example Delosperma Jewel of Desert Opal. Also they show Carex EverColor Eversheen as a top new perennial for 2016.  


Better Home and Gardens shows ‘Old Fashioned’

On the website of Better Home and Gardens you can find an article about new trees and shrubs for 2016. One of them is Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’. Read more.


Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’

The magazine Garden Center mentioned Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ on their website. Click here to read the article and learn more about Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned.  

Concept Plants on

On the website you can read all about new plants. They post an article that shows 15 plants of Concept Plants. Curious? Click here to read the article!

Physocarpus Little Angel - middel

Physocarpus Little Angel

On a surprising Santa Claus day we washed the first rooted cuttings of Physocarpus Little Angel for Silver Falls Nursery in Oregon. Something exciting for 2016. Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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